All you need to know

This Info Pack presents most of the information that will be needed when preparing to participate as an exhibitor at Careers Expo 2025 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The following section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive from exhibitors. Access to the various Forms and resources that you will need to complete is available. The most important forms are the Insurance Form and Parking Form.

Exhibitor Forms

TBC March 2025  

Use this form to book reserved parking for the Move-in, Event and Move-out days.

TBC April 2025 

Use this form to advise the details of the fascia sign text or to customise fascia sign.

TBC April 2025

Use this form to submit Insurance Certificate of Currency or purchase a policy.

TBC May 2025

Use this form to order electrical services including testing & tagging.

Venue Resources

This site provides the Event and Exhibitor Manuals including Emergency Plan

This site provides order forms including those for catering and IT services.

This site outlines the loading dock access and delivery arrangements.

This site outlines the arrangements for contractors working at the PCEC.

How to use this InfoPack

This InfoPack is in to be read in conjunction with the Standard Terms & Conditions that apply to participating in all Keen2Connect events. 

Click on the headings that appear below to expand the sections’ contents. As you read each section you may click on the name of a Form or Resource to access it. 

If you have other questions or are uncertain about any matter, we can help. Please contact the Careers Expo 2024 manager via Email.

Special note

This InfoPack connects to the Standard Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) that define the conditions of participation in the Event. If there is an inconsistency between the Standard Terms & Conditions and some other part of the Exhibitor InfoPack, the Standard Terms & Conditions prevail.

Under the terms of participation in the Careers Expo, you are required to hold a public liability insurance policy specific to the Event. This policy must include Third-party (Public Liability) Insurance with a minimum of $10 million coverage for any claim against damage or injury caused to third parties (including visitors) who are on or in the vicinity of your display stand. To allow us to confirm that you have appropriate and adequate cover it is a requirement that we hold a copy of your Certificate of Currency. Access and respond to the Insurance Form to provide us with a copy of your Certificate of Currency. We must receive this by no later than 1 May 2024.

There are no specific identification requirements for gaining access to the Venue during the Move-in and Move-out periods of the Expo. However, if questioned, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you are associated with the Event.

Anyone who is in the Venue during Move-in and Move-out periods, including Sunday afternoon immediately after the Event closes, must comply with all special occupational health & safety requirements that apply during these times. Specifically, high-visibility vests and footwear with enclosed toes must be worn during Move-in and Move-out times. The Venue manager may prevent access or compel you to leave the building if you do not comply with these requirements.

During the nominated Building and Pull-down times (the periods when the stands are being constructed/installed and dismantled) the Venue is deemed to be a “Construction Zone”. During these nominated, Construction Zone periods, all personnel working within the Venue must, in addition to wearing high-visibility vests and enclosed-toe footwear:

  1. Carry a valid “White Card” or “Blue Card” issued in accordance with WorkSafe’s Mandatory Construction Safety Awareness program. White Card or Blue Card training programs are conducted by a number of independent organisations and may be completed on line, visit either: Aveling or Blue Dog Training.
  2. Carry a “PCEC Site Induction Card”. The PCEC offers an online induction program that involves undertaking a 15-minute training and assessment course. To learn more and to access the online program download the instructions at the PCEC Contractors’ Portal . There is a general requirement that all persons hold relevant licences and certificates appropriate to the activities in which they are engaged while working at the Venue.

A security guard will be present in the loading dock during Move-in and Move-out and within the Venue prior to the commencement and immediately following closing on each Event day. The purpose of the security guards is only to restrict access of unauthorised persons into the Venue. The presence of a guard is not intended as protecting your equipment against theft or damage.

You should ensure that valuable material is secured or removed during periods when your stand is not staffed. You are particularly advised to begin removing important or valuable equipment after closing time on the last Event day.

Keen2Connect cannot take responsibility for material lost, damaged or stolen (including hire equipment that is to be returned to or collected by rental companies).

It is your responsibility to ensure that all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors comply with all relevant health and safety regulations and that you, your suppliers and sub-contractors have in place, and comply with, their Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy.

The PCEC outlines how fire and medical emergencies are to be dealt. Refer to the Emergency Management Plan in either PCEC Event Manual or the PCEC Exhibition Manual available at the PCEC Manuals.

If you have contractors building or working on your stand during Building, Move-in, Move-out or Pull-down periods, they may need to be accredited by the Venue Manager. It is suggested that you advise your contractors to email the PCEC Exhibition Coordinator on to accreditation requirements (if any).

Your contractors are also advised to contact the Keen2Connect Logistics Coordinator to coordinate their Set-up and Pull-down arrangements (as these may differ from the Exhibitor Move-in and Move-out times). If you require access ahead of the Move-in time, this may be arranged, subject to conditions, by contacting the Keen2Connect Logistics Coordinator.

Move-in will commence for Exhibitors at 13.00pm on Wednesday 14 May 2025 and will continue until 18.00pm.

If you arrive earlier than 13.00pm access to the Pavilions may be restricted and your stand may not ready.

Please note, venue access will be restricted after 18:00pm. 

Any person entering the Pavilions or the loading dock area must wear a high-visibility vest and footwear that fully encloses their toes

The Venue access map (see PCEC Loading Docks Access) indicates the location of the PCEC and loading docks together with how they may be accessed by road. There is limited queuing space in front of the boom gate on the access ramp that leads to the loading docks and on the loading dock aprons. To avoid congestion on the access ramp please ensure that you tell the boom gate operator that you are arriving to set-up your stand in Pavilion 5.

Once through the boom gate and on the loading dock, a dock marshal will direct you to where to park. The period of time that you will be able park in the loading dock area will be restricted to a maximum of two hours.

The Venue access map, available at Access & Deliveries indicates the location of the access ramp boom gate. Depending on your starting location, there are five suggested routes that you may follow to arrive at the boom gate and access ramp. Alternatively, you may click here to locate the PCEC Boom Gate.

When heading south down Spring Street: From the right-hand lane at the bottom of Spring Street, at the Mount Bay Road intersection, on a green signal, drive across Mounts Bay Road towards the entry to Freeway-North. Move into the left-most lane. The boom gate is directly ahead.

When heading east along Mounts Bay Road: From the right-hand lane of Mounts Bay Road, at the Spring Street intersection, on a green signal, turn right towards the entry to Freeway-North. Immediately move into the left-most lane. The boom gate is directly ahead.

When heading west along Mounts Bay Road: After crossing over the Mills Street intersection, move into the left-hand lane of Mounts Bay Road. At the next intersection (Spring Street), on a green signal, turn left towards the entry to Freeway-North. Stay in the left-most lane. The boom gate is directly ahead.

When heading north along the Freeway: Prior to crossing the Narrows Bridge, move into the middle lane (sign-posted as heading towards Fremantle) and then veer to the left at the fork (sign-posted Mounts Bay Road/City Centre/Fremantle). Once past the fork, proceed into the right-hand lane and, on a green signal, turn right into Mounts Bay Road at the traffic lights. Stay in the right-hand lane of Mounts Bay Road, travel under the Freeway over-pass, and at the Spring Street intersection, on a green signal, turn right towards the entry to Freeway-North. Immediately move into the left-most lane. The boom gate is directly ahead.

When heading south along the Freeway: When travelling down the Freeway heading south, move into the second left-most lane and take the Mounts Bay Road/Riverside Drive exits then veer right into the Mounts Bay Road exit. Move into the left-hand lane (sign-posted as heading towards Fremantle) and take the left-hand slip-road. Immediately move into the right-hand lane of Mounts Bay Road, travel under the Freeway over-pass and, on a green signal, through the intersection controlled by traffic-lights and merge into one lane. Where the road divides, move into the right-hand lane and after about 100 metres, make a U-turn at the break in the traffic island. Stay in the right-hand lane of Mounts Bay Road, travel back under the Freeway over-pass, and at the Spring Street intersection, on a green signal, turn right towards the entry to Freeway-North. Immediately move into the left-most lane. The boom gate is directly ahead.

Any person who is outside of their vehicle must wear a high-visibility vest and footwear that fully encloses their toes.

Once in the the loading dock area you will be under the control of the loading dock marshals. The loading docks are generally heavily congested and space can be at a premium. The dock marshal may provide with a parking pass that is to be placed on the dashboard of your vehicle. You will be directed to a suitable location in the loading dock to park temporarily.

Depending on the size of your vehicle and the quantity of material that you have to deliver, you will be permitted between 20 and 60 minutes to unload. This time allocation will be strictly controlled.

There are no medium or long-term parking facilities available for you to park in the loading dock area. You must ensure that you do not obstruct a pathway through the loading docks that would otherwise prevent forklift access into and emergency egress from the pavilions. This is both a logistical and occupational health and safety requirement.

There are a number of conditions that apply to you accessing the loading dock area. These are:

  • Neither the PCEC nor Exibit will accept any responsibility for the safety of vehicles, their occupants or contents whilst within the PCEC.
  • All vehicles, equipment and personal belongings may be subject to random search by PCEC security staff on entering and exiting the Venue.
  • All personnel in vehicles who request access to the loading dock area (or to the PCEC generally) may be required to produce their Driver’s Licence or some other form of photographic identification.
  • All personnel must wear high-visibility vests and footwear that encloses the toes when outside of their vehicle on the loading docks.

You must use the loading docks for all large deliveries (i.e. for items that are too large to be hand-carried into the Venue from the foyers or that need a trolley to be moved).

For hand-carry items only, you may access the pavilions via the front foyer during the Move-in, Event and Move-out times. To access the foyer you may park underneath the Venue in the Convention Centre car park and use the stairs that lead from the car park up into the Level 1 foyer.

The Convention Centre Car Park can be heavily congested on weekdays between 7:30am and 3:30pm. If you plan to use the Car Park, you are advised to arrive outside of these times. Alternatively, you may chose to book a parking bay. See the ‘Questions about Parking’ section below.

Please note, parking is not possible on the Plaza Level of the PCEC (between the PCEC and the Adina Hotel) . However, you may drop off your goods, provided you have arranged for someone to meet you on the Plaza to receive the delivery and you remain with your vehicle.

While there are a number of lifts that connect the car park to the foyer, these are not designed as service lifts and are therefore not suitable for carrying larger items.

Generally it is not possible to access the loading docks on Event Days. However, special arrangements can be made for you to make last-minute deliveries early in the mornings of each Event Day. These deliveries can only occur between:

  • 7:30am and 8:30am on Thursday 16 May 2024;
  • 7:30am and 8:30am on Friday 17 May 2024;
  • 8:30am and 9:30am on Saturday 18 May 2024; and.
  • 8:30am and 9:30am on Sunday 19 May 2024.

In order to arrange access for a last-minute delivery, please contact us on email addressed to the Keen2Connect Logistics Coordinator on connect@keen2connect and give us at least 48 hours’ forward notice of you requirements. Please note that any deliveries that need to be made by external couriers require pre-arrangments and can only be accepted during the times detailed above.

During Move-in times, you may also obtain assistance from the shell scheme builder (Perth Expo) and the electrical power and lighting contractor (Lobel Events). A representative of Keen2Connect will also be in attendance at all times. On Move-in day we will operate from the Service Desk located inside the pavilion near the foyer doors.

Reserved parking for Exhibitors is available in the City of Perth’s Convention Centre Carpark. The car park is under the PCEC and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff are in attendance at all times. Entry to the Car Park is from either Mounts Bay Road opposite Mill Street or from the off-ramp leaving Freeway North.

Reserved parking passes can only be obtained using the Parking Form. Immediately upon receiving your parking request, we will forward an invoice. It is a condition of receving Reserved Parking passes that:

  • This Parking Form is submitted by no later than Friday 15 March 2024; AND
  • Payment of our invoice is remitted by no later than Friday 22 March 2024.

The daily parking fee is $50.00 per bay per day. The reservation guarantees the availability of parking bay(s) based on your request. You do not have any specific bay(s) or area(s) allocated and will need to locate available bay(s) once in the carpark. Prices are subject to change with 60 days’ notice but remain fixed once ordered and paid for. The Convention Centre Car Park is operated by the City of Perth under an exclusive arrangement with the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Keen2Connect acts as an intermediary to manage the process. It will not be possible to extend the deadlines detailed above.

There are over 30 car parks in the city area within a short walk of the Centre. Visit City of Perth Parking (select “Convention Centre Car Park”) or Wilson Parking (select “Westralia Square Car Park”) for more information.

There are a wide range of public transport options available to to travel to the PCEC.

By train: The Elizabeth Quay Station is directly adjacent to the PCEC. The Southern Suburbs and Northern Suburbs lines both stop at the Elizabeth Quay Station. The Fremantle, Midland and Armadale lines connect with the Northern and Southern Suburbs lines at the Perth Underground Station.

By bus: The Elizabeth Quay Bus Station connects to the PCEC. A free Blue CAT service connects the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station to the Perth Underground Train Station, the Perth Busport (and the Elizabeth Quay Jetty is a short walk from the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station). The Blue CAT service operates every seven to eight minutes on weekdays and every fifteen minutes on weekends.

For more information on the public transport options, and to check any schedule or route changes, visit the Transperth web site.

Limited material handling services are available during the Move-in and Move-out phases of the Event. Generally, a representative of an Exhibitor is responsible for being in attendance when their consignment is delivered to, moved into, or collected from their stand.

Special forklift services may be available during Move-in on Wednesday 15 May and Move-out on Sunday 19 May. To request a forklift service, email us and indicate the nature of any service and the precise time at which it will be required. Emails must be received prior to the close of business on Monday 13 May 2024. Large or complicated consignments may attract a charge.

Unaccompanied deliveries may only be consigned to the Venue for arrival on Wednesday 15 May. To advise of an unaccompanied delivery, email us and indicate the nature of the delivery and the precise time at which it will be delivered. Emails must be received prior to the close of business on Monday 13 May 2024. Large or complicated deliveries may attract a charge.

A Delivery Notice must be attached to each component of an unaccompanied delivery. For a copy of the delivery instructions, download the form available at PCEC Loading Dock & Deliveries. The delivery address is Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Loading Dock Number 6, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 6000.

Pre-event and post-event storage facilities are not available at the Venue. PCEC will not accept deliveries of any goods on behalf of Exhibitors or provide storage for any items delivered to the Venue. In the case of goods that may be delivered to the loading docks without a representative from the Exhibitor present, neither the PCEC nor Keen2connect accept responsibility for the security or condition of any items.

Perth Expo is the primary supplier of walls, carpets and fascias (but not electrical power and lighting) for shell-scheme stands at Careers Expo.

Perth Expo is also the preferred supplier of any rental furniture and some specialist display equipment.

During Move-in times, Perth Expo will operate a Service Desk located inside the pavilion. Its staff will be available to help with any aspect of your shell-scheme package (excluding electrical and lighting services). Charges will apply for any requirements that you request additional to those covered in your Exhibitor Agreement.

If you wish to contact Perth Expo email the Perth Expo Coordinator on

To view further information, visit: Perth Expo.

If you have purchased a full shell-scheme package you are entitled to have your company name printed on a monochrome, plain-font fascia sign that is then affixed to a fascia board on your stand. Access and complete the Fascia Sign Form to provide the exact message that you want your fascia sign to carry.

Alternatively, you may choose to enhance the appearance of your fascia sign with coloured lettering special font and/or your company branding printed as a digital image. This will incur an additional charge. Access and complete the Fascia Sign Form to arrange for a representative of Perth Expo to contact you.

We must have your instructions no later than 19 April 2024.

Lobel Events is the sole supplier of electrical power and lighting services to shell-scheme stands and the preferred electrical supplier for custom-designed stands. It can also helped with multi-media equipment such as screens and laptops. Charges will apply for any requirements that you request additional to those covered in your Exhibitor Agreement. Additional electrical services may be ordered by completing the Electrical Services Form by no later than 8 May 2024. For special requests, contact Lobel Events on by no later than 8 May 2024.

To view further information, visit: Lobel Events.

Exibit will have staff available at the Service Desk to attend to any issues associated with electrical power and lighting services.

You may order electrical power or lighting services for a custom-designed stand or additional services for a shell-scheme stand. Access and complete the Electrical Services Form by no later than 8 May 2024.

Approximately 30-minutes after Careers Expo closes each day, the electrical power to all stands will be turned off. It will remain off until about one hour prior to opening on the following day. If you have goods or equipment that may be damaged as a result of the power being off, please advise us on email prior to the Move-in day.

All electrical equipment including tools, appliances, lights, leads and transformers that are used at the Venue must carry a current tag, affixed by an appropriately-qualified person, to indicate that the equipment has been tested and approved for use. Electrical equipment may be subject to inspection by the PCEC occupational health and safety team and the PCEC Venue Manager reserves the right to demand removal from the Venue of any electrical equipment it deems to not be compliant with the ‘test and tag’ requirement.

The PCEC operates a tag-out/lock-out system. Any Exhibitors’ electrical equipment that has been either danger-tagged or locked-out, cannot be used. Exhibitors MAY NOT remove any danger-tags or over-ride any lock-outs that may be placed on any electrical equipment.

To request electrical testing and tagging, access and complete the Electrical Services Form by 8 May 2024.

There are special requirements for stands with walls or other structures that are in excess of 2.4 metres high or which create overhead, enclosed spaces. These requirements primarily relate to compliance with the Building Code of Australia. Any structure that is over 2.4 metres high; or that includes a ‘roof’ or ‘ceiling’ element with an area greater than 18m2 requires the approval of the Venue manager. Such stands may be required to provide additional fire protection equipment such as smoke detectors, a portable CO2 fire extinguisher or possibly a fire-sprinkler system. You may request approval from the Venue manager by submitting a dimensioned, technical drawing. The drawing must include plan and side-elevation views together with details of the construction materials. Drawings should also indicate any access and egress points, stairways, railings and raised floors. Artist-impression drawings are not acceptable. The PCEC Venue manager may request that a structural engineer’s certificate be obtained if it is believed that the integrity of the structure or compliance with the Building Codes is uncertain.

Technical drawings, including engineering calculations where applicable, must be sent by email to the Keen2Connect Logistics Coordinator for receipt no less than six weeks prior to the Event.

Please note that for aesthetics reasons, you will be required to ensure that the reverse-side of any high structure, including stand walls, that are visually exposed, are finished in a presentable manner. It will not be possible to sign-write these areas.

You may incorporate raised floors, steps or ramps in your stand provided they comply with the relevant sections of the Building Code of Australia and with normal occupational health and safety guidelines. Raised floors, ramps or steps must not contain sharp or dangerous edges and must not cause a trip hazard. They must be clearly distinguishable from the surrounding area. Disabled access to all stands must be provided. Specifically:

  • Raised floors with a height of less that 115 mm are not regarded as steps, but will require an appropriate chamfer edge or ramp leading from the main surrounding floor level to the raised floor. Chamfers and ramps must be of a gradient no less than 1:3, must be contained within the boundaries of the stand and must not protrude into the exhibition aisles.
  • Raised floors with a height greater than 115 mm but less than 190 mm from the surrounding floor or platform will be regarded as steps and generally will not require a ramp. However, an approved stair nosing must be installed as per normal requirements for steps in public places. Consideration should also be given to apply a high-visibility tape or edging to increase awareness of the step.
  • All stages, risers and platforms greater than 450mm high must be fitted with a handrail and mid-rail to the sides and rear where the edge is not apparent or where general lighting levels are dimmed or extinguished when in use. Access steps should also be fitted with a handrail.

You may lay bricks, pavers or tiles provided plastic sheeting is first laid on the bare concrete floor of the pavilion. This will prevent the floor being damaged or the bricks, pavers or tiles bonding to the floor. You are required to provide the plastic sheeting yourself. If you cause damage to the building, including its floors, you will be charged for the cost of the repairs.

Items cannot be mechanically-attached to the floors or walls of the pavilions or glued, taped or fixed to any part of the Venue.

The operation, use or storage in the loading docks, pavilions or foyer of any machinery, equipment or substances likely to jeopardise or be hazardous to the health or safety of any person at the Venue is prohibited.

All rotating, cutting, or impacting machinery must be fitted with guards, isolation barriers, immobilisation locks or other protective devices so as to ensure a safe environment for all persons at the Venue staff. Signage alone is not acceptable as a protective-measure.

In the case where a piece of equipment or machinery is operated at the Venue, the operator must hold all relevant certificate or licence as required by law to operate such equipment or machinery.

If you wish to hang banners or signs from the structure of the Venue you can only do so by contracting the services of a rigger approved by the Venue manager. The width of banners and signs cannot exceed the frontage of the stand and all banners or signs must be installed with at least 3.5 metres of clearance from the floor to the underside of the banner or sign.

If a banner or sign is suspended from or connected directly to your stand (i.e. it is not suspended from the building structure) then you may be required to obtain approval from the Venue manager after you have provided proof of the strength and stability of the relevant elements of the stand.

All banners and signs must be clean and presentable and not detract from the visibility or amenity of neighbouring stands. Double-sided banners or signs must not intrude upon or obstruct neighbouring signs or displays. Banners or signs cannot be suspended on the perimeter of a stand, over aisles or into public areas. All banners and signs must be one-metre inside the stand boundary of the stand. Keen2Connect reserves the right to direct the Venue riggers concerning placement and positioning of banners or signs in order to ensure compliance with these regulations.

To contact the Venue rigger, please email AVPartners at

You may use bottled gas such as LPG subject to the installation complying with statutory regulations and with the relevant Australian Standards that relate to dangerous goods and equipment. In addition:

  • The installation, connection and operation of control devices must be undertaken by a person licensed under the Gas Standards Act 1972 and Gas Standards (Gas filling and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999, are to operate control devices to carry out such work.
  • Cylinders will be tested, approved for use and stamped in accordance with the standard AG601.
  • Storage cylinders are not to exceed 9kg in mass (to facilitate their manually relocation or removal if necessary).
  • An individual stand is generally limited to one cylinder per stand and cylinders on adjacent stands must be no less than 15 metres away.
  • Cylinders and associated connections and piping must be protected from accidental damage or impact and must be located in dry, well ventilated areas away from heat, sources of ignition and direct sunlight that are maintained at temperatures below 45oC.
  • Cylinders must be secured in a manner that will prevent them from falling or being knocked over and must be protected by a fire proof cover.
  • Cylinders must be removed from the within the Venue at the end of each Move-in, Event and Move-out day and be stored in the Venue’s Hazardous Goods Store (located on the loading docks). The Venue’s floor manager can assist with this.
  • Cylinders and associated connections and piping must not be accessible to the general public, to Event patrons or to exhibitors.
  • Cylinders must be firmly secured to prevent falling or being knocked over and must be protected by a fire proof cover at all times.
  • All gas-using appliances or equipment must be certified for indoor use and with this indicated on the appliance.
  • A 4kg CO2 or 4 kg Dry Chemical fire extinguisher must be provided by the exhibitor for each appliance using L.P. gas.

To request approval to use bottled gas, refer to the PCEC Event Manual available at PCEC Manuals.

Helium-filled balloons or other helium-inflatable items may be used within the Venue subject to the following:

  • Specific, written approval is obtained in advance of the Event from the Venue manager.
  • Items must not be distributed to patrons.
  • The number of items is in accordance with the Venue manager’s approval.

To request permission to use helium-inflated items, refer to the PCEC Event Manual available at PCEC Manuals.

You may have items that expose a naked-flame (e.g. incense sticks, fragrant oil burners and candles) on your stand subject to the following such items being:

  • Limited to five in number.
  • Firmly secured to the structure of your stand or to substantive furniture to prevent toppling.
  • Guarded to protect against accidental contact by patrons.
  • Unlikely to ignite surrounding material.

You may only distribute promotional material, samples and products within the immediate vicinity of your stand. Special restrictions apply to food and beverage items (see the section ‘Questions about Food & Beverages’ below).

The Venue manager can assist you with obtaining IT and telecommunications services for your stand. You must place your order well in advance of the Event. To request IT and Internet services, refer to the PCEC Service Orders.

Prior to opening on each Event day, including the day after Move-in, all rubbish that is left in the aisles will be removed.

When the Event is running you will be responsible for removing from your stand, any rubbish that you may generate. There will be a skip on the loading docks and you may use this provided:

  • You are wearing a high-visibility vest when you are on the loading docks.
  • You use the self-closing personnel door at the rear of the pavilion and you arrange to have someone let you back into the building.
  • You flatten all cardboard boxes.

Please note: There is a box-crushing machine at Loading Dock 2. This is a more environmentally-responsible way to deal with any cardboard. You may place your cardboard boxes on the ground alongside the machine for Venue staff to load.

Prior to opening on each Event day, the carpeted floor of your stand will be vacuum-cleaned.

If you have a floor covering that is not carpet (e.g. vinyl, timber, paving or decking) you will need to consider making your own arrangements to have the floor wiped or mopped.

If you have display surfaces or glass cabinets, you may also need to consider making your own arrangements to have these wiped.

You can arrange on-stand catering with the Venue manager.

To request on-stand beverage services, on-stand catering, confectionery services or coffee machine hire and service, refer to the PCEC Service Orders.

The City of Perth has a requirement that all exhibitors that intend to sell, sample or in any way distribute food or beverage items must register directly with the City. The City of Perth has indicated that it will take at least 14 days from receipt to process a registration. In order to register, visit the City of Perth Licensing page, select “New License” from the “Licensing” menu and then select “Temporary Food Vendor”.

Preparation of food or beverages is only possible with the specific approval of the Venue manager and it is subject to compliance with the PCEC’s food and beverage rules. All food or beverage preparation activities are ultimately subject to control by the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Health. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all relevant health regulations. Neither Exibit nor the Venue manager will accept any responsibility for the consequences of any activity being discontinued as a result of an instruction from an authorised, external agent such as the Department of Health or the City of Perth.

To request permission to prepare food or beverages, refer to the PCEC Exhibitor Manual available at PCEC Manual.

The PCEC has the exclusive right to control the sale and distribution of food and beverages that are for consumption within the Venue.

You may only sell food or beverage items to patrons subject to the approval of the Venue manager. You will be required to comply with the Venue’s food and beverage rules and you may be required to pay a charge. Specifically:

  • You may only sell non-alcoholic beverages or food for immediate consumption within the Venue with the specific approval of the Venue manager and subject to compliance with the Venue’s food and beverage rules. You may be required to pay a fee in order to sell non-alcoholic beverages or food.
  • In the case of the Careers Expo, it is not possible for exhibitors to sell alcoholic beverages at the Venue.

The Venue manager reserves the right to enforce an exhibitor to cease selling any food or beverages if the exhibitor does not comply with the guidelines outlined above.

To request permission to sell food or beverages, refer to the PCEC Service Orders.

The Venue manager may allow you to offer free samples of food or beverage items to visitors subject to compliance with the PCEC’s food and beverage rules as outlined in the PCEC Service Orders provided that:

  • Food and beverages are served in a manner that avoids direct handling by successive individuals (e.g. samples may be served with toothpicks, in disposable plastic cups or be individually wrapped).
  • The samples are the output or product of the devices or equipment that you are promoting and relate to your normal business operations;
  • Any food samples are only of a bite or morsel size and approximately 50 gm in mass.
  • Any non-alcoholic beverage samples are no larger than 100 ml in volume;
  • Alcoholic beverage samples are not distributed.

The Venue manager reserves the right to enforce an order issued to an exhibitor to discontinue selling any food or beverages if the exhibitor does not comply with its guidelines (as outlined in the PCEC Exhibitor Manual available at PCEC Manuals.

To request permission to sell or distribute food or beverage samples refer to the PCEC Exhibitor Manual available at PCEC Manuals.

If you intend to distribute unpackaged food or beverages from your stand or if it is to be stored, displayed or handled in the open, you must have the following facilities and services in place:

  • A hand-basin with hot and cold running water and soap for washing hands in the case whereby serving or preparation implements are not used at the stand*.
  • A double-bowl sink with hot and cold running water complete with liquid soap and a paper towel dispensers in the case whereby serving or preparation implements are used at the stand. In this case, one bowl must be labelled as being for hand-washing only and the other marked as being for washing implements and containers only*.
  • A washable, impervious floor and wall covering in the area of the stand where the food preparation and serving takes place.
  • A refrigerated display or storage cabinet where perishable food is to be stored at the stand.
  • A glass or perspex screen or “sneeze guard” and tray cover where food is displayed in the open.
  • Squeeze-type dispensers or individual-sealed packets where condiments are offered.
  • Disposable, one-use utensils such as plastic or paper cups, glasses or bowls and plastic knives, forks and spoons where eating or drinking implements are provided.
  • Rubbish bins located near the stand and with the rubbish disposed of in an acceptable manner. (The Venue manager may levy an additional cleaning charge for the disposal and cleaning of wet-waste, grease and oils.)

Hand basins and sinks can only be installed directly above water supply and drainage pits. Please contact Exibit to check the suitability of your stand location.

To request permission to handle food, refer to the the PCEC Service Orders.

To request permission to utilise water supply and drainage facilities, refer to the PCEC Exhibitor Manual available at PCEC Manual.

Move-out will commence at approximately 4:00pm on Sunday 19 May 2024. In the interests of the Event integrity; occupational health and safety, and security, dismantling of stands or removing equipment from the pavilion cannot begin before the Event has closed to the general public at 3:30pm.

Move-out can only commence once the pavilion is clear of the general public. All children who are under the age of 16 years must vacate the pavilion before Move-out can commence. Prior to the commencement of Move-out, PCEC staff will not allow:

  • Vehicles past the boom gate and into the loading dock area (nor allow vehicles to queue at the boom gate);
  • The loading dock door at the rear of the pavilion to be opened; and
  • Any goods to be moved within the pavilion or trolleys brought into the Pavilion.
  • Any person to be in the pavilion who is not wearing a high-visibility vest and footwear that fully encloses their toes.

Immediately upon commencement of Move-out, any person entering the pavilion or outside of a vehicle on the loading dock must wear a high-visibility vest and footwear that fully encloses their toes. Priority should be given to removing all items that are attached to stand walls, including pictures, photographs and posters. It is also strongly recommended that you give priority to removing and safely storing any hand-carry items, especially those of high value.

Move-out will continue until 7:00pm on Sunday night. Move-out will recommence at 8:00am on Monday 20 May 2024 and continue until 12:00pm. All exhibitors and their equipment must be clear of the PCEC by midday on Monday.

Move-out follows a similar process to Move-in. However, as indicated above, it will not be possible to enter the loading dock area through the boom gate until after the PCEC staff has declared that Move-out can commence – this may take up to 30 minutes from the closing of the Event. Because the access ramp shares the entry to Freeway North, vehicles will not be be permitted to queue in front of the boom gate prior to the PCEC staff declaration. Vehicles that present to the boom gate prior to the loading dock door being opened will be asked to move on.

Once the loading dock door is opened the boom gate operator will begin allowing vehicles access to the loading docks. Loading dock marshals will manage the flow of traffic on the loading docks.

All stands must be dismantled and cleared by midday on Monday 20 May 2024.

If you have bulk rubbish such as bricks, tiles, timber framing or other building materials, you are required to remove and dispose of this yourself.

Any equipment or display material that remains in the Venue after midday on Monday 20 May 2024 may be disposed of at the expense of the exhibitor.

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