We're staying TARGET as things change around us. As the State confronts the reality of COVID in the community and grapples with the strategy of 'living with COVID', we remain confident that we can adjust our plans to align with changing regulatory and community-heath measures. As we demonstrated in 2021, we are agile and will react as appropriate to ensure Careers Expo is staged in a manner that is safe for all participants. And we will retain a laser-like focus on continuing to help tertiary education providers and employers to recruit and train students and employees.

As we get closer to the date of the expo, we will share details of any special COVID-related measures or constraints. Ahead of this, the COVID Safe Information page published by the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre offers a useful planning resource.

Last week exhibitors were sent the first of our email bulletins outlining the matters that need to be attended to prior to the expo. This first email focuses on securing Reserved Parking and Public Liability Insurance. Further emails will be sent over the coming months as the various deadlines approach.

Helping make tomorrow better.

This year marks 20 years since Curtin University first participated in Careers Expo. Opening in 1966 as the Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT), becoming the Curtin Institute of Technology in 1987 and, rebadging as Curtin University in 1987, the university's academic ranking now sits amongst the top 1% worldwide.

The strength of Careers Expo has always been the strong representation by the State's Universities, and Curtin has always been at the vanguard. We always look forward to the visually stunning and very practical displays that Curtin University creates for Careers Expo. Each year its displays make clever use of large-format overhead banners, prominent signage, and expansive conversational spaces to attract and engage visitors. As one of the university's main feeder activities for capturing prospective students, Careers Expo is an integral element of Curtin's recruitment program.

Careers Expo is firmly embedded within our marketing calendar and forms an important component of promoting and encouraging engagement with future students. Amy Rawnsley, Curtin University.

The industry specialists.

MPA Skills, is the plumbing and painting industry's specialist training and employment company. For nearly 30 years it has provided the industry's most highly regarded apprentices and tradespeople. It rates Careers Expo as its 'must attend' event of each year and has not missed the chance to exhibit since 2013.

Careers Expo offers MPA Skills a platform from which it can promote its range of training initiatives extending from school-based and full-time pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs to advanced training courses for post-apprenticeship tradespersons. The expo provides MPA Skills with a unique forum complementing its career pathway activities that reach out to and interact with students, their parents, and schools' career-guidance professionals. It one of a number of key exhibitors in the VET Expo section of Careers Expo.

“We conduct a very busy program of advocating, promoting, and recruiting for the plumbing and painting industries. Careers Expo is a cost-effective means for us to reach a key group of prospects and influencers.” Ben Dahlstrom, MPA Skills.

Strong interest from first-timers.

2022 is emerging as the year in which Australia's unemployment level reaches a near-record low. Career Expo is a beneficiary of an increasingly competitive labour market whereby the number of candidates for jobs and training positions is being surpassed by the needs of employers and tertiary education institutions. As tangible evidence of this shift, Careers Expo is fielding requests from many organisations that have not previously participated. The greatest interest is coming from the engineering and resource sectors,

It's early days yet but those organisations that have already committed to participate include the Kee Group, McKay Drilling, and Roy Hill. We look forward to their success at the expo and welcome those other organisations that are considering getting involved.

Student registrations continue to grow.

As of 18 February 2022, local schools had registered over 5,500 students. The strong bias towards registrants from Years 10 and 11 that was evident by late 2021 continues. As teachers settle into the new school year, we are expecting a further influx of registrations. 

If you want to see the exhibitors that are already on-board, visit Exhibitor plan.

You'll be hearing from us.

The first of our emails to contracted exhibitors has now gone out. Our initial focus is on collecting details for parking and insurance. Further emails will follow as we approach the event date.

Keep an eye out for them and please help us by dealing with matters as soon as possible. 

ON TARGET 2022.4 | Publication date: 18 February 2022