Things are right ON TARGET for next year's Careers Expo. The end of any calendar year is an important time for us. But this one's given us a ride that we'll never forget. At about this time each year, many of our contacts change positions or employers. Some pop up again in similar jobs and others leave the sector entirely. To those who are leaving, please accept our best wishes, to those who are shifting jobs, we look forward to re-connecting with you in some other capacity, and for those who are staying on, the journey continues.

In this our third edition of ON TARGET, we profile three exhibitors, provide the status of school-group registrations, and for contracted exhibitors, we remind you of the deadlines that apply for next year's expo.

You should see them now.

The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) first participated in Careers Expo back in 2002 and has been at every one since. Back then, it worked out of a 9m² stand with a small number of staff promoting its unique offering in Fremantle. The following year it tripled the size of its stand to 27m², added more staff to the stand and further expanded its offerings. Over the years, its presence continued to grow: 36m² in 2006 and 81m² in 2017.

Last year UNDA commissioned a fully customised, 3-dimensional, walk-in display augmented with lighting, sound and video. A large contingent of staff and current students were available to chat to prospective students about university life and the degrees on offer. It made a strong statement about the University and the important place it occupies in the Australian tertiary education sector as the No. 1 university in WA for Overall Satisfaction and Full-Time Employment (based on the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey).

UNDA has always appreciated the personal approach to face-to-face interactions with prospective students. Over nearly 20 years being involved with Careers Expo, we have been able to grow our presence and create a space that is truly engaging for our future students.” Lexi Rollins, The University of Notre Dame Australia.

Wired for success.

The Electrical & Communications Association WA (ECA WA) is a not-for-profit group that supports the interests of the electrical and allied industries in WA. In the training and employment space, it operates through Electrical Group Training (EGT) and the College of Electrical Training (CET). Together, these two entities train over 5,500 people each year, including 2,400 apprentices and pre-apprentices.

ECA WA is a relative newcomer to Careers Expo. Its first involvement was in 2018 but it has since established itself as one of our regulars. In a market where there is intense competition for attracting new apprentices, and for differentiating between degrees and trade qualifications, ECA WA is a shining light of proactivity and entrepreneurship. It offers balance and choice for young people who are looking for technology-oriented careers.

Electrical Group Training and the College of Electrical Training have provided a career pathway for thousands of electricians over the past 30 years. We see the value of providing great advice early, setting our future sparkies up to enjoy one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers around. We have seen that a quick chat at the Expo often is a career choice defining moment. Steve Hall, College of Electrical Training.

The gateway to training opportunities.

For people looking for opportunities to train, retrain or start their dream job, Western Australia’s network of 15 Jobs and Skills Centres have their careers, training and employment advice and assistance needs covered across the State.

Located on TAFE campuses throughout Perth and regional WA, with additional outreach locations for regional areas, services at the centres are free and accessible to all members of the community.

Each centre is staffed by people who can provide professional and practical advice on training and employment opportunities including careers advice, apprenticeship and training information. Jobs and Skills Centres respond to the diverse and flexible study options available in the Western Australian training sectior by offering a range of skill-acquisition pathways,

The Jobs and Skills Centres have been exhibiting at the Careers Expo since they were launched in 2018. The Careers Expo is one of the many ways the Jobs and Skills Centres showcase how they can support Western Australian job seekers and career changers.” Karen Ho, Department of Training and Workforce Development.

Registrations at 4,700 and climbing as of 14 December 2021. Unlike previous years when we've seen the greatest proportion of registrants from Years 8 and 9, for 2022, registrations are weighted towards students from Years 10, 11 and 12. When the school year begins at the end January 2022, we're expecting a significant influx of further registrations.

And stand bookings continue apace. If you want to see who’s on-board already, visit Exhibitor plan.

You'll be hearing from us.

The first of our emails to contracted exhibitors will be going out in early February. It will highlight all the parking, insurance and other arrangements you need to prioritise.

Keep an eye out for for it and, if possible, please help us by dealing with matters as soon as possible.

ON TARGET 2022.3 | Publication date: 14 December 2021