The response to our first edition of ON TARGET suggests it’s living up to its name. We’ve received feedback from many clients who we missed speaking to at Careers Expo earlier this year and from others who we haven’t spoken to for a few years. And the enthusiasm for next year’s Careers Expo continues to be strong. This second edition of ON TARGET focuses on some our bellwether exhibitors.

When Careers Expo is in the blood.

Back in 2001, our first Careers Expo, hosted two small, local companies providing tutoring and learning extension services to pre-tertiary students. Neither Academic Task Force nor Academic Associates missed a show until, in 2013, the owner and founder of ATF, Dr Pam Bagworth, led a merger of the two businesses.

Renamed as Academic Group, its involvement in Careers Expo continued to grow. Supported by her husband Gordon and daughter Megan, Pam built a formidable portfolio of holiday revision, weekly tuition, exam booster and in-school support programs, backed-up with an extensive range of revision-focused textbooks. The group continues as a Perth-based, locally owned, family business. Megan Bagworth is now its managing director with both Pam and Gordon maintaining a constructive involvement. Each year we look forward to re-connecting with our friends at Academic Group and helping to introduce them to a fresh cohort of prospects.

“We’re very proud of our two-generational relationship with Careers Expo and appreciate the opportunity of working with another locally-owned, private company.” Megan Bagworth, Academic Group.

Working both ends of the deal.

The Department of Education has a unique involvement with Careers Expo. On the one hand, thousands of its school students attend the event each year to explore future career opportunities. On the other, since 2005 the Department’s Teach in WA team has used the event to highlight to recruit those and other students as teachers in the State’s public school system

The pitch to potential students is a mix of positioning teaching as a well-paid, secure profession; explaining how teaching can make a difference to the lives of the next generation; and showcasing the opportunities to live and work in diverse communities across the State. This is a complex and nuanced case to make, and it needs to be tailored to individual candidates. We like to think that Careers Expo provides the perfect face-to-face setting to deliver it well.

“The Department has been involved with Careers Expo for the last 16 years and we always look forward to each year’s event as an element of our recruitment campaigning.” Yusof Manaf-Hassan, Department of Education WA.

Making a sound start.

The SAE Institute was established in Sydney in 1976 as a school of audio engineering. Since then, the SAE Creative Media Institute it has grown to some 50 campuses across the world offering animation, audio and music, design, film, and games development.

Our relationship with SAE goes all the way back to 2002 when it participated in Careers Expo at the old Fremantle Passenger Terminal. Since the 2008 event, the SAE stand has always been the first thing visitors see when they walk in - its stand is opposite the front doors of the exhibition, a prime position it's never relinquished.

Over the years, as we’ve grown the event - into the Claremont Showgrounds and then on to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre - we’ve watched SAE ride the wave of digital and social media and grow its business to become a formidable international presence in the tertiary training sector.

We cherish the front row position that we hold at Careers Expo – we’re the first thing visitors see when they enter and often revisit us as they’re leaving. The expo has always delivered great results and we enjoy the interaction we have with candidates during the event.” Lisa Bowra, SAE Creative Media Institute.

The power of being in the right place.

Sheridan Institute of Higher Education is a relative newcomer to WA's tertiary education sector - and to Careers Expo club. It's a privately funded, non-profit organisation, accredited to provide post-graduate and undergraduate programs.

Sheridan is part of the State’s expanding network of Baptist educational institutions. We’ve included them here because they’ve been a regular at Careers Expo since they established themselves in Perth 2017. We’re proud that very early on it recognised the importance of Careers Expo in lifting its profile and helping attract students. Its ongoing commitment to the event tells us we must be doing something right.

“Back in 2017 we identified Careers Expo as an important vehicle for establishing our presence as a player in the WA tertiary education sector. Ever since, we’ve attended each year’s event and we continue to realise excellent results.” Darren Smith, Sheridan Institute of Higher Education.

Planning is well underway for next year's Careers Expo. During the last week of August, we launched our schools' registration campaign with the first emails reaching nearly 500 teachers and careers advisors and the response was immediate, with many school groups registering time slots for next May!

And of course, we've already started allocating stand spaces. If you want to see who’s on-board already, visit Exhibitor plan.

ON TARGET 2022.2

Publication date: 5 October 2021