Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter just for exhibitors: ON TARGET. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly highlighted the importance of staying in touch. In the past we’d see each other once a year, with lots of emails and phone chats in between. But 2020-21 was different. We were so overwhelmed dealing with the rapidly-evolving COVID situation that we struggled to keep in touch with some people. Late last year, as we re-emerged from the fog, we were surprised how many of our contacts were no longer in place. So, we’re hoping to publish ON TARGET every couple of months and make sure that we stay in touch with you.

The birthday party that wasn't meant to be.

Careers Expo 2020 would have been a major milestone as the 21st consecutive staging of the expo. But COVID-19 had other ideas. So, we reflected, re-grouped and re-organised. With the support of our exhibitors, suppliers, and Business Events Perth, we staged the expo in May of this year, albeit under difficult post-lockdown conditions. It turned out to be a good decision. Our exhibitors cheered us on in the lead up to the event and, in the days afterwards, shared some very positive feedback and some great success stories. We’ve already started allocating spaces in the floor plan for Careers Expo 2022. If you want to see who’s on-board already, visit https://www.careers-expo.com.au/visitors/exhibitor-list-floor-plan.

Even in a challenging year the event got results.

We’ve seen over the years how important Careers Expo is to our clients’ integrated marketing campaigns. Many rely on the event to build an awareness of forthcoming open days or to fill their pool of prospective enrolments. And it definitely seems to work.

Take a look at some of the great comments we received after this year’s expo:

“… we certainly got a lot of traction out of it. Our hiring platform showed we had 60% more applications … compared to the average…”

Cameron Price, McDonald’s RTO.

“We had our best open day with many of the contacts from the expo attending.”

Merillee Greenaway, WA Aviation.

“Given the COVID circumstances we were surprised at how many people attended … It was a fantastic turnout.”

Emma Tristham, Edith Cowan College.

“… always an enjoyable, well-organised expo and presents an opportunity to have meaningful conversations. … We look forward to being there again in 2022.”

Sandra Emmanuel, CQUniversity.

One of our oldest friends will be back in 2022.

The University of Western Australia has been dedicated to Careers Expo for almost two decades. They first attended in 2002 at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal, then followed us to the Claremont Showgrounds in 2003 and onto the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2005. For the last ten years they’ve always been the first exhibitor to commit for the following year – often signing up a month before the current year’s event. For the 2022 expo, UWA confirmed their involvement as both a major exhibitor and a show bag sponsor in early January this year! We couldn’t be more grateful for their ongoing support – and we continue to be impressed by the organisational and forward-planning capabilities of their team.

"UWA has been working with Exibit for twenty years, and over this time Careers Expo has become an integral component of our student recruitment program.”

Harriet Calverley, Manager, UWA Events.

We understand how tough it’s been.

Exibit Events is a locally-owned and operated company made up of just three people. We’re not aligned with any media, tertiary education, government, or national event management organisations. And we’ve been like that for over 20 years. The last 18 months has been a challenging period for us and for the wider tertiary education sector. Like most industry participants, we’ve responded to the operational constraints imposed by the pandemic, and we’ve suffered major disruptions including restrictions on face-to-face contact and on national and international travel. The whole sector is pursuing structural changes to address its financial situation, while positioning itself to meet the nation’s skill shortages in a COVID-normal world. We look forward to continuing to support you and the sector’s many other great organisations.

ON TARGET 2022.1

Publication date: 3 August 2021