Careers Expo 2024 is between 16 and 19 May 2024. Opening hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm on weekdays and 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 3:30pm on Sunday. The date sits at an important juncture of the secondary school calendar - early in Term 2. It's well ahead of when students must select subjects for upper school, register for tertiary education courses and in advance of the university open days.


Careers Expo 2024 attracts over 10,000 visitors over the four days. Schools groups mostly attend on Thursday and Friday though they are also welcome on Saturday or Sunday. On the weekend, the visitor profile changes to small family groups. Students are often accompanied by parents, graduates, job seekers and those looking for personal development,  training or employment opportunities.  


Careers Expo 2024 is held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) situated in the Perth central business district. It's the premier exhibition facility in WA serviced by a 1,500 bay, 24-hour car park sited beneath the venue. It's located within walking distance of bus, train and ferry services, and provides access for people with disabilities. 


Careers Expo 2024 is the only West Australian-owned careers event. Established in 2001, the event brings together tertiary and vocational education and training institutions, industry associations and employing organisations.


Careers Expo 2024 provides exhibitors an unmissable opportunity to interact with students in Years 7 through 12, together with their teachers, parents or carers as they consider their tertiary or vocational options or select upper-school subjects. For any organisation wanting to access and engage with school leavers or career changers, Careers Expo provides a unique and cost effective medium. Whether the objective is building a candidate database, influencing selections or securing enrolments, we give you the best prospects.


For more information about how to arrange your involvement or managing your participation as an exhibitor, visit the InfoPack page. If you would simply like to determine what's available, please contact the Careers Expo team at connect@keen2connect.com.au or call us on 0499 214 833

Quick questions answered.

What size display stands are available? 

Display stands are available in a range of sizes and configurations - 3x3m, 6x3m and 9x3m. These include carpet, walls, fascia, lights and power outlet. Larger options are available for space only booking, from 54sqm to 108sqm to custom build your own stand and present your unique displays or equipment.

How do I go about securing a position at the expo?

Email or call us at connect@keen2connect.com.au or 0499 214 833. If you'd like to become involved, we'll send you a Quotation and Exhibitor Agreement ("the Agreement"). Once signed and received by us, your stand position will be confirmed.‬‬ An initial deposit of 35% of the booking value is required at the time of signing the Agreement, and the balance of the fee is payable 4 months prior to the event. ‬‬MasterCard and Visa are welcome.‬‬

Can I sell at the expo?

In most cases yes, however restrictions apply to the distribution (or sampling of food and drink products). See 'Questions about Food & Beverage' in the InfoPack.

In which exhibition pavilion is the expo staged?

Careers Expo 2024 is staged in Pavilion 4 & 5 of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

How do I get the most out of my stand?

The best results come from being prepared. Make sure your stand looks good, your staff are on time and ready to do business, but most of all set goals and have processes to follow up leads after the show. See 'Questions about Stand Fit-out & Electrical Services' in the InfoPack

Careers Expo team can help you with the design and production of a high-impact stand. Contact them on telephone 0499 214 833 or connect@keen2connect.com.au.

Do I need to pre-book parking?

It is highly recommended you pre-book parking, especially for weekdays. Under a special arrangement with the City of Perth, we can help you to purchase all-day, multiple-entry parking passes. See "Questions about Parking' in the InfoPack. (Closer to the event, we will provide a parking order form.)

Is storage available on site?

Generally, no storage is available at the PCEC, but in some circumstances it may be possible to provide assistance. See 'Questions about Materials Handling' in the InfoPack.

How do I access the venue for set up and breakdown?

It is important you are familiar with the loading bay procedures at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre. See 'Questions about Move-in' in the InfoPack.

Do I need to have staff working at the stand for the entire period of the expo?

No. The way you conduct your stand is completely up to you. However, the best results will be achieved by having someone present at your stand before, during and well after all opening hours. (Often, the best contacts are made at the end of the day.)

What is included in the standard shell scheme price?

A 'standard shell scheme package' includes the walls, carpet, power, lights and a fascia with your company name. If a 'space-only', 'back-wall and carpet' or 'partial shell scheme package' is ordered some or all of these elements are excluded.

Does my stand come with furniture?

No, but furniture may be hired from a number of suppliers. If you have any other questions, contact us at connect@keen2connect.com.au 

Are there any additional costs once I have booked a stand?

Additional costs are only incurred if you require items that are not included in the standard shell scheme. This may include additional electrical services, furniture, AV equipment, catering or public liability insurance (if you do not have your own). See 'Questions about Insurance, Access & Security' and 'Questions about Stand Design & Activities' and 'Questions about Support Services" in the InfoPack.

Are there any restrictions when dressing my display?

Height restriction may apply but generally you are free to dress your stand as you wish. However, it is important to remain within the boundary of your stand and not spread into the aisles. This includes both your display equipment and the people working at your stand during the expo. See 'Questions about Stand Fit-out and Electrical Services' in the InfoPack.

What are the terms and conditions regarding participation?

The mutual obligations between you an Exhibitor (‘the Client’) and Keen2Connect as the event organiser are outlined in our Standard Terms & Conditions