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Face-to-face interactions are key

Exhibitions are effective marketing tools for both small and large businesses. They provide a priceless opportunity to showcase and demonstrate your services direct to prospective clients. ‪The better an organisation knows its potential clients and the more time it spends talking to them, the more chance it has of responding to their needs. The better a potential client knows a supplier or service provider, the more like they are to make a decision in their favour. This is particularly true in the careers and education space where young students and parents or carers are making decisions on the basis of both academic and social considerations.

The ‪Careers Expo 2022 + VET Expo will bring your most active prospects to you, and allows you to demonstrate products, answer questions, overcome objections and meet your market face-to-face. ‪Presenting your organisation at this espo simultaneously contributes to long-term brand building and to immediate engagement, all in a measurably cost-effective way.

Display stands

Display stands are available in a range of sizes, configurations and fit-out. Shell-scheme stands include Velcro-compatible, fabric-covered walls; fascia with name-board; lights and power outlets; and carpet floor-coverings.

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